Training courses currently offered in Cape Town, Sandton, Pretoria and KwaZulu-Natal, 2007

The following programme of courses is currently offered in Cape Town (Western Cape Province) and Sandton (Gauteng Province), either inhouse to publishing firms or to individuals through open training sessions.

For further information on any of these training courses, contact the course administrator, Ken McGillivray, at or call him on +27 (0)21 552 5240.

Basic Copy Editing and Proofreading

3 days

An entry-level course that provides practice in the basic skills required by a copy editor and a proofreader, particularly in book publishing.

Advanced Copy Editing and Proofreading

2 days

The content of this course supplements that of the Basic course, providing a greater depth of detail and covering further aspects of the editor/proofreader's craft.

Project Management in Publishing

2 days

Managing book projects entails keeping the production schedule on track, controlling the budget and ensuring that quality is not compromised; in addition to these key functions, problem-solving, crisis management and contractual aspects are covered.

Book Design and Production Fundamentals for Non-designers

1 day

This course helps copy editors and proofreaders in particular to appreciate the design elements of book production so that they are able to enhance their contribution to the end product

Grammar for Editors

2 days

Learnt formal grammar long ago, or not ever? Brush up your grammar on this 'refresher' course that takes you back to the basics in a novel, hands-on way!

Editing and Proofreading Maths and Science

1 day

Maths and Science texts require editors and proofreaders to know and implement a host of quirky conventions that few other subjects demand: this course prepares you for the pitfalls


1 day

A practical introduction to the craft, this course takes you through the basics of compiling a book index, the techniques and the conventions, as you create an index

Subediting for Magazines and Newspapers

2 days

The job description of the 'sub' is unique to magazines and newspapers, often requiring creative writing, copy editing and proofreading skills rolled into one. This course covers the tasks and skills required of the subeditor

Marketing Books

1 day

There's marketing, and then there's marketing books, the point being that books require a particular approach when it comes to taking them to market. This introductory course looks at the theory and practice of marketing books, particularly in South Africa

Editing Law Texts

2 days

Law texts have their own particular writing style and conventions, especially referencing, cross-referencing and footnoting conventions. You'll leave this course equipped with an armoury of the nitty gritty required by competent editors of law texts.

Editing Fiction

2 days

Fiction requires an entirely different editorial approach from non-fiction. Besides plot, pacing and setting to consider, there's characterisation, dialogue, and point of view to examine critically. Perhaps more important, however, is the relationship you have to engage in and maintain with your author. All these facets of the fiction editor's craft are explored on this course, through a range of editing assignments.